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esquema 800

The cooling system control consists of the following elements

  1. Humidity and temperature sensor, which introduces environments values to the control module.
  2. Anemometer, actuating the position of the curtains.
  3. Control module, which governs the entire system with last generation touch screen.
  4. Evaporative unit, the structure made entirely of STAINLESS STEEL and a ventilation unit with motor of700 rpm and propeller made of Aluminium with 3 rings of micronization with a total of 20 nozzles.
  5. Pressure group composed of 3 ceramic piston pumps
  6. Distribution of three waterlines medium pressure stainless steel
 Ventilador cowcooling anemometrosensor   bombas agua cuadro electrico
 Ventilador con aros Anemometro y sonda  Bombas de agua. Cuadro Eléctrico


Fundamental element for the controlling of the entire cooling system farm


Element that controls the positioning of the curtains of the farm


Governs all the elements of the system and can be modify all the parameters via touch screens Receives the signal from the humidity and temperature probe and if it exceeds the default value in the configuration of the touch screen, it will launch in stages the fans, so it wont produce an over intensity in the network.

If the value received by the temperature and humidity probe exceeds the preset value above according to the programmed configuration and the pressure water entry to the pump is the correct (Pressure switch placed at the entrance of the system) the electrovalve water entry of the first pump it will open this will be launched and its speed will increase according to the temperature signal received by the probe. If it continues raising the temperature on the farm, it will start a second pump and a third pump according to preset configuration and can be changed at any time.

When the temperature drops and the pumps start stopping, when it stops a electrovalve will open and pressurize the feeding line of the evaporative units.

The whole system is governed by a timer switch that triggers the system according to the predetermined scheduling.

 panel control

 foto de ventilador 1  20160305 113026
 Ventilador Eléctrico.  Anillos de Humedectación



It consist by

  1. A solid structure with 27 blades which produce a cyclonic air movement made entirely of STAINLESS STEEL solderless to remove oxidation and a fiberglass diffuser allowing air dispersion that enables evaporative cooling to 15 cows.
  2. A unit motor of the necessary capacity (4Hp, 5.5 HP) at 720 rpm + propeller that reduces the maintenance of the evaporative unit. The propeller is made of aluminum, of the suitable diameter and angle to the needs of the installation.
  3. It incorporates a humidification system of 3 rings made of stainless steel that incorporates 20 nozzles governed by the Control Module that depending on the temperature obtained by the humidity and temperature probe and activates the pumps according to the programmed configuration.


It consists of a stainless steel structure where the filtration system is accommodated and 3 ceramic pistons pumps with a suitable caudal proper to the installation, a pressure switch that protects the group in the absence of the pressure required for normal operation, 3 electrovalves of water entry for feeding the pumps, 3 pressure regulators to optimize the system pressure and 3 electrovalves that depressurized the installation when pumps stop acting in function of temperature.


Is made with pipe and stainless steel fittings the attachment of the pipes to the evaporative units are made with hoses of 1 mt of length of high pressure with stainless steel fittings.

The union of the pipes to the pressure groups is done with various diameters hoses with stainless steel fittings.




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